Has Elon Musk Peaked? The Tesla CEO’s Biographer Reveals What He Learned | WSJ

Elon Musk, leader of companies like Tesla, SpaceX and X, is one of the most influential and unpredictable CEOs in the world. Musk’s biographer, Walter Isaacson, spent two years at the billionaire’s side learning about his life and leadership qualities.

In this full, extended interview with the Wall Street Journal, he shares an inside look at the Tesla CEO’s psychological struggles, his business strategies and what it’s like to experience his ‘demon mode.’

0:00 Musk’s multiple personalities
1:15 Access to Musk
4:26 Musk’s childhood and father
7:36 Musk losing his temper
9:58 Musk’s ‘demon mode’
15:17 Musk compared to Steve Jobs
17:32 Negative feedback and the algorithm
20:10 Musk’s geopolitical power with Starlink
23:33 Why Musk wanted to own Twitter
27:03 Will Musk turn into his father?

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